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Stripebird - Golf Accessories - Ease and Convenience
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Introducing Stripebird

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Whether you're a weekend warrior or you're a competitive golfer, golfers are known to be a unique group of folks. There's a good chance you're one of those that believe even the slightest improvement in gear or apparel shaves an extra stroke or two, or you view golf stores as a grown-up's version of toy stores. One thing we know is that if you're obsessed with the game, chances are, you're obsessed with its gear as well.

It is in that spirit, that we teamed up to help modernize golf-related accessories that we believe remain outdated. We are a group of product designers that fall into the category of 'golf obsessed'. We love to tinker and brainstorm ways to make golf gear better. What we mean by 'better' is better not just in terms of colors and designs, but rather more importantly, in terms of functionality. While doing that, we figured, why not share this with others?

For better or for worse, the golf equipment, gear and apparel industry has innovated at a very fast pace over the years. Clubs, balls and clothing are better than ever and will be even massively better next year and the year after. Interestingly enough, some products have somehow remained under the radar. There may be many reasons for that.

This is where we come in. With Stripebird, we create products that we, as obsessed golfers, look to use ourselves along with our fellow golf buddies. By selling exclusively online and with a shoestring marketing budget, we're able to throw our focus into simply making products great and useful. Oh, we also enjoy products that we feel good using and being associated with.

With this blog, we look to bring light to why we create our products and to share with you our vision and mindset when designing them. We will also make posts that we hope resonates with golf gearheads. If you have any product suggestions or would like for us to write about a certain topic, please feel free to shoot us a message at Also, if you would like to get the latest blog articles sent directly to your inbox, make sure to enter your email below to subscribe to our blog!

Until then, see you next time!