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Magnetic Rangefinder Wrap 2.0


Withstand the bumpiest cart rides while giving yourself free and unfettered access to your rangefinder with the Stripebird Magnetic Rangefinder Wrap 2.0

  • Two Neodymium Magnets: one of the strongest rare earth magnets. The magnets have a strength of N50 which is the strongest of its kind. They will NOT fall off. We back this up with our Magnet Guarantee.
  • New for Version 2.0: reduced bulkiness by 45%. It is the slimmest and most form-fitting magnetic rangefinder strap. Ever.
  • Tight Around Your Device and Improves Grip: High-Speed nylon elastic band allows for maximum tightness around your rangefinder. Built with SBR for shock absorption with anti-skid and soft velcro for great grip.
  • Luxury Finishes: Stitching and materials are made of premium material because your rangefinder deserves it.
  • Fits All Rangefinders (with buttons exposed on most): No discrimination here. Compatible with models by: Bushnell, Precision Pro, Nikon, Garmin, Callaway, Leupold, TecTecTec, Golf Buddy and others.
  • Magnetizes To: all clubs, golf cart and Stripebird Hub.
  • Dimensions: 11" x 2.7" x 0.5"