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Original Golf Magnetic Phone Holder


The Original Golf Magnetic Phone Holder Is magnetically attachable onto golf carts, golf irons and the Stripebird Hub (sold separately). It uses dual Neodymium N52 magnet plates (some of the strongest rare-earth magnets) to withstand the bumpiest of rides on the cart while giving you free and unfettered access to your smartphone. No more leaving your phone in the cup holder, on the seat or in your pocket. (US PATENT-PENDING WITH MAXIMUM STRENGTH HOLD).

  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY WITH ALL SMARTPHONES: The Magnetic Phone Holder has an ultra-slim profile and is expandable to fit ALL types and brands of smartphones (with or without a case). It keeps camera exposed for photo and video in both portrait and landscape mode.
  • VERSATILE PHOTO AND VIDEO TAKING: In both portrait and landscape mode, on the course or on the range, the Phone Holder allows you to autonomously capture your swing from down-the-line or face-on for swing analysis and improvement. That means no more asking someone to take a photo or video for you.
  • PHONE ACCESS AT ALL TIMES: Your smartphone remains accessible to you at all times during a round. Record your score, check the phone’s golf GPS app while never missing an important call or text. When you need to detach the smartphone, there is no uninstalling to do - simply detach the Phone Holder from the metal surface.
  • NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED: There is no installation required. Just insert the phone into the Phone Holder, tighten with the single metal side thumbscrew for a snug fit. Then simply stick it onto a metal surface such as the golf cart, golf irons or Stripebird Hub (sold separately). It is rugged enough to keep in the golf bag and comes in a premium dust bag for easy and safe storage.