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Golf Bag Valuables Pouch

  • ✔ KILL THE CLUTTER ON THE GOLF COURSE: No more searching for small items on the golf course! The Stripebird Golf Bag Valuables Pouch allows golfers to stay organized on the course. Ideal for smaller items such as extra tees, ball markers, car keys, wallets sunglasses, phones and more. Its positioning around the golf bag allows everything to be in one easy-to-find spot.
  • ✔ A LANDING SPOT FOR YOUR MAGNETIC GOLF ACCESSORIES: With two industrial-grade metal surfaces at the extremities of the Pouch, it is designed as a dedicated surface for conveniently positioning of all your magnetic golf accessories for easy access and convenience. Works seamlessly with the Stripebird Magnetic Phone Holder, Magnetic Rangefinder Wrap, Magnetic Towel Clip and Magnetic Cigar Holder (SOLD SEPARATELY).
  • ✔ FITS ALL GOLF BAGS: Finally a better way to keep on the golf bag - no more clips! The Stripebird Golf Bag Valuables Pouch features a flexible strap that allows you to wrap it around any-sized golf bags. Its flexibility allows you to securely wrap it around without damaging your golf bag.
  • ✔ INNER AND OUTER POCKETS: The pockets on the outside and inside the Pouch allows for the storage of the smallest items such as coins, tees and ball markers.
  • ✔ DIMENSIONS: Measures 7 in x 1 in x 5 in.